More than a holyday, it's a paradise. 
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1) Reservations: 40% account of the total amount if the booking is made more than 30 days before the date of arrival, the settlement (60%) one month before or on arrival in cash. Detailed informations of bank, amounts, ecc will be sended by email.
2) To cancel a reservation: if it is made more than 30 days before the date of arrival 90% of accounts are payed back, if it is made during the last 30 days before the date of beginning of the stay or no show, 100% of the total amount is keept as penal.
If the apartment is rented to an other customer, the penal is reduced to 10% and 90% of the total amount is payed back.
3) Unaouthorized animals or occupation of the house by a number of people bigger than the number of beds available is reason of cancellation of the contract without the right of remboursement.
4) Deposit: € 100,00 in cash at check in, returned on check out. Final cleaning and delivery of the house: at check in or togheter with account/settlement.
5) Check in:  from 16h00. Check out:
before  (within) 10h00.
 In case of availability this time can be agreed and changed, but a confirmation at least 3 days before arrival/departure will be necessary.

The not delivering of the apartment at the agreed
time is cause of the loss of the deposit (or part of it), as well  if dishes are  dirty, trash  founded inside the house, furniture moved, ecc
6) Court: Tribunale di Barcellona P.G., sezione distaccata di Lipari.