More than a holyday, it's a paradise.  

CONTACTS:Would you like more informations? Do you want to reserve an apartment? Please don't hesitate to contact us, you only need to let us know the number of people and the period. Harry up to be sure to find places!!
We suggest to contact us by e-mail, sometimes we could be not in Italy during winter time and our phones switched off.

e-mail: info@stromboliparadise.com
tel:      +39 340 159 5757  
   from 8.00 to 24.00
          +27  (0)65 218 6405
More contacts:
Sgnal:      +39 340 159 5757
     +39 340 159 5757
WhatsApp: +39 340 159 5757
+39 340 159 5757

N.B.: in case you don't get a reply in 24/48 hours, that means we haven't received your email, so please write us again.
       Same thing if you call us and the line is not available, please try again, cellular phone lines sometimes are out of order.

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