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Stromboli is one of the seven islands included in the Eolian arcipelago, which is a Unesco world's heritage because of the large number of artistical and natural beauties.
The activity of his volcano made the island of Stromboli well known since the antiquity, in fact it was called the lighthouse of the Mediterranean because of the red light produced by his eruptions, well visible by seamen from long distances and helping them to find their route.
The economy was founded on agriculture and fishing: the first one was helped by the sunny mediterranean climat and fertile soil that made possible a consistent production of malvasia grapefruit, olive and capers; the second one was encouraged by the deep seas rich of larges tuna fishes. At beginning of the XX centuty about 5000 people were living in Stromboli.
In 1930 a big eruption and a tsunami scared the population, so most of them decided to emigrate to new countries like Australia, leaving only a few hundreds of people.
At the beginning of 50' the film "Stromboli" directed by Roberto Rossellini and interpreted by Ingrid Bergman showed to the world the beauty of a unique and wild island, so a moderate touristic activity started developping by renewing and renting the existent houses that the emigrants leaved or sold to buy their tickets. The architecture of the buildings, essential with wide outside flowered spaces, becomes with harmony part of the wonderful landscape, rich of mediterranean reflections.
Today a little bit more than 400 people live in Stromboli, but the touristic season starts in march and finishes at the end of the year. Many trvellers come from all countries to visit the volcano, to enjoy the nice climat, to visit the characteristic black sand beaches and for the peace of a pleace without cars, where it is possible to breath a powerful atmosphere that the volcano trsmits to human beings.
Stromboli has perfect conditions to play water sports: swimming, diving, sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayak, fishing, but it is also perfect for several activities like: hiking and climb to craters, mountain bike, cruises to other islands, italian food tasting, cooking and craftsmanship courses, while an animated nightlife, and many parties make the stay extremely interesting and never boring for everybody.


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